Jane Zhang - The Diva Dance (from the Fifth Element)

I had no idea this was possible. I thought they synthesized it in the movie.

@Gargron It was written to be impossible to sing, and was very heavily manipulated for the movie.
As happens, it is now more than possible, and is often featured on various televised singing competitions around the world, most notably The Voice franchise.
There are YouTube videos of men doing it, as well...

@Gargron I love how something was decreed as impossible, and so a bunch of people immediately try to do it anyway, and mostly succeed. :)

@Gargron I guess you're referring to the part starting approx. at 3:19
I am still confused, seeing this human being, wearing nowadays dress in a nowadays concert hall singing this song from a far and distant future.

@Gargron As far as I can tell, she’s singing a slightly simplified version. But still! Very impressive!

@Gargron The version I heard was that it was written to be impossible for a human and they told the coloratura they hired "just do your best and we can do the rest in post processing" and she just laughed and performed it as written.

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