Public hashtag page, but with a masonry layout. Thoughts?

Out of curiosity, do you understand what I mean when I say "public hashtag page"?


Some adjustments will be needed, I think, in terms of sizes and margins. And show more doesn't work properly. But here is a demo:

☝️ Updated that page again. Added a header, fixed show more, made the text and margins a bit smaller.

@Gargron I agree with @chartier’s comment earlier though, it could do with a big heading with the hashtag at the top of the page so you know exactly what you’re looking at.

@virtualwolf @Gargron @chartier
agree, some info about the tag needed.
is it me or the font size is way too big?

@Gargron I like the mosaic layout! Only issue I can see is that since images can align randomly due to different proportions, it sometimes gets a little confusing. Very convenient design none the less.

@Gargron Nice! Though I agree that the tag should be visible as a header.

@Gargron I really like this idea, and the implimentation makes it easy to scan lots of toots at once

@Gargron So many caaaats *O*

The explanation in the header is nice for people outside of the fediverse. Good thinking

@Gargron nothing to complain about the layout, I just find annoying the pop up and userid request everytime I try to fav or boost a toot in there especially if I'm already logged in the same instance. I guess it has something to do with the whole protocol whatever but... oh well

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