@codesections @Gargron @SwooshyCueb My only reason for not using Pass is the lack of Windows support. Which hopefully won't be an issue soon because I won't need to use Windows anymore.

@freakazoid @SwooshyCueb @Gargron

Interesting. I always thought that pass had decent windows support because pass lists a windows client on its website. But I see now that the windows client hasn't been maintained in a couple of years. That's too bad :(


@codesections @SwooshyCueb @Gargron
A selfhosted Bitwarden server (not the offical crapy SQL server/Mono based, nor the crapy Docker based, but the self compiled, rust based Bitwarden server: github.com/dani-garcia/bitward ) is just perfect!

@codesections @SwooshyCueb @Gargron I thought about this constellation as well but where do you store your got repository? How do you have all time access to it?

You've got a few options. If you want it stored privately for free, you could store it with GitLab (or even github these days I guess). Or any other public cloud provider (NextCloud, dropbox, a server you have for a website).

Personally, though, I don't do any of those—I store the primary copy on a home server, and sync that to my laptop, my wife's laptop, and each of our phones. True, we can only sync when we're at home—but that's basically every day.
@SwooshyCueb @Gargron

@gargron KeepassXC is the fork that is updated regularily afaik

@gargron Okay, apparently yours got an update in January.

@Hughenknubbel @gargron Will ich gar nicht haben. Mir reicht ein Programm, mit dem ich eine Liste aufrechterhalten kann.

@Hughenknubbel lol - aber hier habe ich einen ordentlichen Schlüssel


Keepass is the original program for Windows and is still maintained.

KeepassX was created because the original Keepass is written in C# and needs Mono to run on other systems, so X was created to have a compatible tool but written in a language/toolkit (QT) that runs more natively on other plattforms.

KeepassXC is a fork of KeepassX because it wasn’t really maintained anymore.


@shibayashi @gargron

I stand corrected, thank you for notifying me.

I was made aware of it, because the version of Keepassx in Ubuntu wasn't supported anymore.

@Gargron I prefer XC, but KeePass "regular" has the 'have I been pwned' plugin if you want to check your accounts

I recommend a paper record - it's harder to hack and, if you make it look like every other book on the shelf too, hard to steal.


More specifically Keepass2 for Windows, KeepassXC for Mac, Linux, and Co. Keepass2Android for Android. They are all compatible and can work with the same vault files.

@Gargron Agreed. With Keepass, your file sync tool of choice, plus clients for Windows, Android and iOS, password management is certainly far less painful than it used to be.

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