Okay, you know what I still don't understand? Why so many people sign up on a new social network just to post someone else's porn. I understand sex workers (though they almost never act like that), but it's just random people dumping random porn. Not even trying to sell a service or advertise something. It seems so pointless.

Let me clarify, I am talking about a random person making a brand new Mastodon account, setting a porn picture as their header and avatar and posting multiple random porn pictures without content warnings or hashtags or commentary.

@Gargron tfw when gargron says selling and advertising

@Gargron Maybe it's corporate sock-puppets tasked with degrading the quality of the fediverse?!

@aran @Gargron oh no... please stop with the conspiracy theories 😩

@Gargron It's a kind of shared interest thing.

Someone posts a thing they like, other people who like it comment, like, discuss, it and helps folks connect and build community.

If I see (for instance) someone share a bondage pick, I know they are into bondage and may follow them to discuss/see more.

Honestly, half the kink community on tumblr was built around sharing porn and talking about it. And a good portion of those folks came here after Tumblr's new rules went into effect

@Gargron I've always wondered why people would upload other's people videos too on Bittorent. Go figure 🤷

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@gargron Redundancy? Consider the following instincts and emotions:

* Sex
* Fear of extinction
* Peer acceptance
* Rejection of authorities

Blend them together, and what have we got?

"OMG they're taking away our porn! Quick! Pirate and repost EVERYWHERE and become heroes!"

The rest, as they say, is history.

@rick_777 @Gargron Very good point in your earlier post. Especially considering there's been a rise in ancient purian mentalities during the past year or so (because humanity is going bonkers) the "people are trying to take away our porn" reactions are on the rise and honestly pretty justified. has done a fair share to instill those fears too with its recent ban.

A friend of mine is a... how should we put it... *collector* of "fine erotica".

He made a lot of these -> 😭 when he found out his favorite porn had been taken offline. He made many more when he told me he wanted to download it the previous day but left it for later.

Since then he stopped depending on sites and downloads every single clip he finds interesting. He even keeps offline backups :blobsmilesweat:


@rick_777 @Gargron Scenarios like this are what I think will be great for. And of course surely helps as well, especially if account synchronization across instances is ever implemented too.

@Gargron basically, people sharing what they like. Just look at people sharing hentai stuff, they socialize that way

@Gargron i think most of the time its so they have a specific place to catalog all of the porn that maoes them hyper horny or whatever

@Gargron Lack of hashtags surprise me. If hashtags were used I'd say it just sounds like Tumblr folks who haven't gotten used to how Mastodon works yet.

@Gargron they could be building up the account to sell

@piggo @Gargron it's a profitable strategy. You post stuff people like (cats, porn, whatever) and build up a huge following. That account now has attention and is a valuable commodity.

@kai @Gargron I mean do you think someone would pay money for a mastodon account?!

@Gargron quoting The Doors... People Are Strange 😏 , but that could also be a bot just like it happened (and still is happening) on Tumblr

@Gargron I saw someone who just seems to log in once every few months, note what changes there are; 'there are PMs now', Toot that and log out.

@Gargron In some cases (not all but some) I assume it might be people trolling or even taking revenge on someone else. That sort of thing will sadly happen over time. It's one price to pay for freedom from though one I can gladly live with if it means having a free network.

@Gargron I'm currently most upset about people misusing tags that represent other things for RL porn. If anyone wants to see what I mean, try looking up the tag as an example: You'd think that's about the animal called bear, right? Nope: Better not search that word in a public space until you've muted several accounts which seem to have gravely misunderstood it.

@Gargron That would get my vote for expulsion. Sounds like a troll.

@Gargron Turns out the first sentient AI is a wandering pr0n bot that derives meaning solely from exposing humans to porn.

Tumblr peeps imported their own habits over here I guess.. There might be some addiction too :)

@Gargron I suspect it’s either porn bots (which may be test dummies for larger spamming projects) or a form of online exhibitionism. Like, posting porn for the sake of others’ pleasure.

I personally have my qualms about copyright law but I do think it’s unfair to rip GIFs from adult content creators w/o their consent and just post it. It was a common problem on Tumblr and Twitter.

@SpaceDoctorPhD Yeah, porn bots marketed as such are also out there. I don't understand who makes use of them, either. Looking at how frequently they post and how much media storage they consume compared to any real human, it feels like such a waste.

@Gargron that’s been a question I have: is uncensored porn allowed as an avatar and how to report it if it isn’t allowed?

@Gargron They’re usually advertising for a site hosting that porn and trying to drive traffic.

@Gargron well, I like porn. There are other people who like porn. We like to share porn we like with others so they may also enjoy. Sorry about the lack of hashtags, though. I should be better at doing that.

@Gargron omg leave them alone theyre just sharing their passion with the world :/
@xeno @Gargron well, tumblr is banning anything remotely close to porn, so people are backing it up and putting in on different social media (there's #savedfromtumblr on twitter). it just so happens that mastodon (or whatever activitypub flavor) was caught in the crossfire this time around

@Gargron Maybe a way to collect Stuff they liked? Like, your personal porn feed... might also be a way of communicating between partners, like, "here's a collection of stuff I want you to do to me". But I don't really know tho.

@Gargron It's the Porn Fairy Impulse. Before the Internet, we exorcised it by discarding well-used magazines in wooded areas.

@Bieeanshee @Gargron Would it be fair to assume it also has to do with people being either scared or outraged at society's still extreme attitudes toward porn? I wouldn't be surprised if this is in part happening because those who were persecuted on other sites have finally found a place that's safe for them too, and are prone to a slightly explosive behavior because of that.

@Gargron totally agree. Are we getting much of that on Mastodon?

@Gargron yeah.. I don't get it either. Sometimes I think it's to get followers and then to turn into a spambot though


> Why so many people sign up on a new social network just to post someone else's porn.

It's playing the attention lottery.

It's the same as flinging shit. Some of it will eventually stick if you fling enough, something something.

@Gargron My theory is that they wish to monetize their account in some fashion because they measure the click rates and likes. Just like with the sites that repost memes and other people's funny posts. It's not for fun, they just want to make money with other people's content. Bottom feeders.

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