When it's my birthday in two days I'm going to be like "It's my birthday can I get some boosts" except it'll be something about getting more people to use Mastodon or whatever


It's my birthday can I get more people to use Mastodon or whatever

@Gargron Happy birthday! I'm working on bringing people here :blobowoevil:

@Gargron Nop, but you can have the thousands of sincere congratulations of the users of the social media platform you created. There isn't too much people in the world who can say the same.

@Gargron you did it something awesome! happy birthday!!

@Gargron Don't you worry.
I am working on posting my own pics so that people will follow me.
Enjoy your birthday.

@Gargron Happy Birthday! You've created an amazing platform and community! I hope your day is going well so far.


@gargron I baked you a Mastodon Crumble, we can all eat it together as a family xox

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