Okay theoretically if I rented a billboard (in Germany) to advertise Mastodon for a little bit, what would you write on the billboard

@toilet @Gargron

🎶...pah pah pah pah 🎶

🎶 that's all I want to say to you... 🎶

@InspectorCaracal @Gargron (that's basically already German, nobody really says "FICK DEN KAPITALISMUS")

@Gargron Maybe get some sort of a fancy digital billboard that updates with the federated timeline. Would probably cost 10x more but I bet would get way more attention.

@freemo This is the worst idea possibly conceived. I appreciate

@Gargron Haha yea the occasional boobies that are likely to get through and other unwanted messages might not play out too well :)

@Gargron More seriously, I dunno, it depends a lot on what demographic you think would be swayed by a billboard in Germany? I don't know enough about German cultural demographics to even guess.

@InspectorCaracal I talked a while ago about how I was pissed off about facebook ads in the Berlin central station, so I'd wanna advertise there (also because lots of travelers go through there)

@Gargron hmm, maybe something snappy about global networks, with a cute cartoon mastodon?

@Gargron @InspectorCaracal I would consider that a Facebook ad and a Mastodon ad serve very different purposes. Everyone has heard of Facebook already. A Facebook poster merely creates the impression that Facebook is an inescapable reality.

A Mastodon ad should introduce and invite the user. Mastodon: The place for toots. Join us. (Trolls need not apply).

@Gargron Mastodon:
One of us is crumbling, just not us...

*But in German

@Gargron my serious answer is something corny like Mastodon: Your Home Away From Home

@Gargron Mastodon: The home of horny communist shitposters.

Forest weasels are attracted to this sign from hundreds of kilometers away.
Find out why.


Imagine a Social Media Platform Run By People, Not Corperations.
Now Stop Imagining and go Join It.

@Gargron A minimalist, black and white picture of an elephant tusk with the word "toot"

Written in comic sans

@gargron joking answer: this screenshot with the caption "Find out more on"

Kinda more serious answer: "Join Mastodon. We ban Nazis"

@violet @Gargron the first one is actually a good idea
The second one gives a bad conception of what mastodon project is

@Gargron jillboard (jean billboard)

I think that would explain everything anyone needed to know about Mastodon.

@sanspoint I'm not sure what the rules on that one are. Might be trademark violation or something like that

@gargron don't you have enough ad copy from that you could grab from? "Social networking, back in your hands -"

@impiaaa Yes, but the effectiveness of any of those phrases is completely unproven, and the site has a lot of copy addressing different angles, while a billboard can't have much text

I am veering towards just elephant +, if it piques their interest to visit that might be better than explaining what it's about on the ad itself

@gargron *just* an elephant doesn't really say much, though, only established brands can get away with no explanation.

I guess you want to consider who you're targeting, and what they'll see as a reason to join—if Twitter users, maybe like "500 characters" or "a friendlier timeline." If FB, maybe something more about data privacy. If neither (general population), you have to sell them on social media first, so maybe like "communicate globally, and locally."

i dunno, just some ideas

@Gargron this site is crumbling and many blame it's because of you aren't there

Stop it and get some partially help.
Or just go and sleep some hours thank you.

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