Okay theoretically if I rented a billboard (in Germany) to advertise Mastodon for a little bit, what would you write on the billboard

@Gargron More seriously, I dunno, it depends a lot on what demographic you think would be swayed by a billboard in Germany? I don't know enough about German cultural demographics to even guess.


@InspectorCaracal I talked a while ago about how I was pissed off about facebook ads in the Berlin central station, so I'd wanna advertise there (also because lots of travelers go through there)

@Gargron hmm, maybe something snappy about global networks, with a cute cartoon mastodon?

@Gargron @InspectorCaracal I would consider that a Facebook ad and a Mastodon ad serve very different purposes. Everyone has heard of Facebook already. A Facebook poster merely creates the impression that Facebook is an inescapable reality.

A Mastodon ad should introduce and invite the user. Mastodon: The place for toots. Join us. (Trolls need not apply).

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