@Gargron i know #Mastodon is your baby but you should listen to people when they ask for usability improvements. Easily identified links is basic UX... and really easy to do.


"It's ugly" isn't a good enough argument. Sorry. "It's not easy to use for some people" on the other hand is.

Even i, being not impaired or whatever, have trouble to differenciate links from plain text in standard themes.


@Oz I've always accepted accessibility improvements into Mastodon in the forms of contrast improvements and screen reader markup. But this is the first instance when it requires a major design change. The interface is busy enough as it is without needing any more horizontal lines.

I've said, let's change their color then! With sufficient color contrast, it will help color-blind people too. But the PR author is adamant that it has to be underlines or nothing.

I'm not impaired so more contrasted color should be enough for me but i can't tell if it is for every impaired folks...?

OP was OK with "just" a different color as long as it mached a specific contrast ratio. It's just more complicated than underlining links.

Anyway that's a great step in the right direction: accessibility should never be dismissed. As a designer i have to fight against some practices i find visually appealing but are discriminating for some users =/ so, i guess, i know the feel 😉

@Oz It isn't much more complicated, they just make it sound like it is. Mastodon actually started with a more distinct link color, but I toned it down over time because it was distracting.

@Oz As an addendum I am still of the belief that mentions and hashtags should keep their current color. Their function is to be read as text, not to be clicked--their clickability is an exploratory, optional enhancement. And that they blend with text makes toots more readable, not less--otherwise the screen looks like someone dropped a bag of skittles.

I totally agree with you on hashtags and mentions since they have visual indicator (# or @) before them and can, indeed, look like visual pollution (lots of hashags and mentions in one toot)

Btw, thanks for taking the time to answer me when, i'm guessing, you've got a lot of people mentionning you for requests / complaints.

And sorry if i sounded harsh in my first toot, you were looking a bit stubborn on github so i was kinda vindictive i guess =/

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