@Gargron i know #Mastodon is your baby but you should listen to people when they ask for usability improvements. Easily identified links is basic UX... and really easy to do.


"It's ugly" isn't a good enough argument. Sorry. "It's not easy to use for some people" on the other hand is.

Even i, being not impaired or whatever, have trouble to differenciate links from plain text in standard themes.

@Oz @gargron JFYI underlining links (and ONLY links) is such a basic thing that anyone not doing it would fail web dev class.

Source: my university's web 1 class's requirements list, also my own experience as someone with pretty good vision who still hates non-underlined links. (Tumblr was even worse because links didn't even look any different there. Don't make Masto more like Tumblr.)


@grainloom @Oz Honestly these discussions are even further muddled by the fact that most websites, that is, non-social-media websites, deal with textual links indistinguishable from other text, while platforms like Twitter, Discord and Mastodon only allow linking URLs in the first place, which have a distinct visual syntax.

Not highlighting textual links is indeed stupid.

@Gargron @grainloom @Oz That point was addressed a lot in the thread. The discussion is not muddled. Do the accessible thing.

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