Updated with a note that you can request to be paid through OpenCollective if your contribution has been accepted into Mastodon

Paid? Given it's an open source community project and not a company, how do you afford to pay people?

OK thanks. Having looked that up, my main question seems to be that, given the primary contributor is Samsung's venture capital division, what do contributors expect to get out of funding a noncommercial project? I can't really understand that one...

(Thanks for replying, BTW)

@dheadshot If you're asking what Samsung gets out of it, they can use my name/photo in their own promotional material. Nothing else. It's a no-strings-attached donation towards development of Mastodon.

(Thanks for responding)

Really?! That's strange, I'd have thought the motives of a large tech company to be more financially oriented than that?
(Do they count this among their "charitable giving" then?)

@Gargron How much do you think a translator could request?

@Gargron ok, maybe this one will be easier — how much do you think a shitposter could request?

@gargron hey this is great news! I'm glad to see you've found another line of funding to help pay people for this.

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