Why has gone invite-only two weeks ago? I grew tired of it being used as a hallway, where people enter, make a mess, then move on. It is my home, and I've put a lot into keeping it fast, secure and up-to-date.

Being invite-only means safer timelines, primarily, as trolls and people whose first instinct on a new social platform is to upload their uncensored dick have a harder time getting in.

@Gargron Good call. I totally agree. If you need any more moderators I'd be happy to help out.

@Gargron I thought you were about to close it down completely.

@lerk No, nonsense. Even in a hypothetical I would find someone to hand it off to rather than fuck over everyone who's trusted me with hosting their account

@Gargron I'm pretty sure, you tooted that you at least we're thinking about it :)

@Gargron are there any plans to enable admins to have open registrations but require manual approvals?

Currently the choice is “anyone can join” or “no one can join unless I explicitly invite them”, which is the main reason I haven’t opened up my own instance for others to join. I’m happy to let people in, but I want to vet them first!

I figure that setup could also work for your exact situation.

@Gargron Same thing happened to me on a much smaller scale.
Opened registration after locking it down post-Tumblr exodus, was away for the weekend. I come back to the local tl full of some rando's porn collect, basically.
No intro, nothing.
Also, same question as @bobstechsite . Would that be difficult or terribly time consuming to implement? Just curious.

@Gargron I totally agree with your decision. This is a flagship instance not the community toilets.

@Gargron I am torn on this one, though of course it's your decision and I respect it. I joined here because I saw as the default instance if you will. As platforms like and are free for anyone to register on, I figured this would be the standard here as well. I am curious if registration will ever reopen once more.

@Gargron The issue is that, even if I wanted to change my mind, I'm stuck on this instance due to the lack of account migration support. I don't want to lose my entire post / boost / fave history and start from scratch, so I have to stick to being here now. I really hope this can be fixed soon: Not having is the most painful limitation in for many of us, as it keeps us stuck on whatever instance we first chose to register with.

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron what gave you the impression? Have you read some thing some were about mastodon or how did you find the instance?

@Bobo_PK @Gargron It was admittedly an assumption: often comes out as "the default instance". It is after all ran by the head developer, many of us are led to believe this is where you come if you want to be near the heart of the project and want to support it too. I am aware it's not necessarily like that now.

@Bobo_PK @Gargron Being the biggest instance also contributes to that impression: I figured this is where one can expect the most stability, which so far has been entirely true of course. Other instances aren't as known to a new user, so one can be led to think they might have more downtime or a higher chance of disappearing overnight, thus is the safest bet since the team runs it.

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron I see. I joined the network because an admin told about the project during a conference. So I joined the instance because I was able to talk to them and ask questions. Also I liked the fact that I had a face to the person that I am trusting my account to. Downtowns are not really a problem because you can open up another account on another instance when ever you want/need to.

@Bobo_PK @Gargron Nice. I was of course talking about in particular: itself I joined and love for a variety of reasons! From being an fan in general, to my fascination with resistant platforms able to stand against rising government oppression in the occident.


Given the federated nature of the service, there doesn't really need to be a default instance. It trends to closely back to a centralized structure pls, every functionality afforded to .social is available to every other instance.

So, even if .social closes registration, it doesn't close registration for Mastodon since any new users can join any other instance and still interact with all .social users (and any other instance).

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron hopefully not. Having a vast majority on one instance ruins the point of a federated service

@rubenwardy @Gargron That is very true. The purpose is to avoid centralization after all. The issue again is which instance to pick; Larger ones give the impression of being more stable, especially since is ran by the team itself. But it's a complicated matter overall.

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron well, the one I'm on still has 1000s of users. I think that is a good size - with a million users, you'd still have 1000 instances of that size

@Gargron Thanks for explaining your rationale. It is obviously your choice as the operator - and I do understand. It's challenging to figure out the correct level of openness - and mechanisms to not have the trolls have too strong an impact.

@Gargron the same can happen when people registers on a federated generalistic instance.
You're only pushing away the phenomena to others.

@Gargron other sollution is to enable forced hiding media and to make manual unhidding

So they can do it too, until the people find an instance that is fine with it.

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I can't imagine how much bullshit you and your mods have had to deal with on a daily basis from being the first place most noobs go to.

@Gargron For god sake Close registration and let other instance grow. 😠Stop making excuses

@Inditoot What are you on about? He literaly just did that.



I commend you for this move. Hope it helps. Can you share anything re how you decide to invite? Would seem a laborious task... but worth the effort.


Upload their what? Oh dear, that's some serious insecurity going on. 🤦

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