My grandad was really into researching our family's genealogy. But I can't imagine DNA testing giving any truly satisfying results. It's just statistics, not your family's actual history.

My family's history goes back to Latvia and Lithuania, but I don't know much more than that. The family branches that remained there were, as far as I'm aware, wiped out.

@Gargron I was wondering when and how this could go wide. I'd seen some select databases used by cops in the US for familial searches, it seemed only a matter of time before a major initiative popped up.

@sophia @Gargron


This has been a disaster brewing for years.

and no it isn't about having anything to hide...

This is a violation of the 5th amendment as far as I'm concerned.

@thegibson @Gargron Raises a lot of questions about data ownership and how that compares with ownership of your own DNA, esp where it's not technically used.

@sophia @Gargron

also comes back to data privacy rights...

no one who has taken those tests has ever intended to have their data used in this way.

@thegibson @Gargron People whose privacy being violated didn't necessarily agree to have their data handed over, so while the giver may have agreed to the terms in doing it they can't consent for others. That's a mega wtf for me.
I've asked family not to do it on the basis it could unwittingly be setting up family members.

@sophia @Gargron

Same thing...

I've got enough Scottish and Apache heritage to have a healthy distrust of this sort of thing...

You see, it's all well and good when catching murderers... but when the eye of Sauron turns in a different direction because of changing legalities and such...

How many ways can we abuse total informational awareness?

You protested against this regime? we have evidence!

lock them up!

It's not paranoia... This is how dictatorships work.

@thegibson As someone recently pointed out when I dunked on this shit, how long before US insurance companies use it to deny coverage to entire families based on markers for illnesses?
Or immigration uses it to find relatives of people trying to cross borders? We're only one wobbly piece of legislation away in many places.


Yes we are, and over in your neck of the woods, in the exact same boat.

This is the dark side, and the logical endgame of this sort of data collection.

@thegibson The UK is doing so much nefarious shit it's untrue, esp with concern to disabled people, homeless people, migrants etc.
Terrifying how all this stuff could be folded in together in a way that leads to outright fascism


The machine is assembling itself.

Make no mistake that they want it.


I look forward to being classified a likely dissident because my ancestors are Scottish and Native...


We're all in this together... now we just got to get everyone to understand that.

@sophia @Gargron @thegibson

I haven’t worked out the details yet, but I have a theory that you could block this kind of stuff using a copyright claim (or perhaps your parents could)...

@jbob @Gargron @thegibson I doubt it would block anything. A parent making this claim wouldn't be using a service where they sign away those rights by taking part, and since it's not technically your data (or necessarily even theirs, could be a third party) it wouldn't be relevant to familial searches anyway.

@Gargron gonna dispute the "one" part of the title

@Gargron My mom was very disappointed because the DNA results she got was essentially "98% European Jew" and I was like, honestly, what did you expect

@Gargron I'm like German somewhat. I know this because I'm the only person I know that likes sourkraut

@Gargron Well, my 52-year-old cousin just found out she is NOT my cousin because of a DNA test ... so it can be family history. She had to confront her 86-year-old mother and learnt she is the result of an affair with a mafia guy who is in prison now. Yay, family!

@Gargron How do you pronounce your name? I tend to say "oygen rokh-ko" but it's probly wrong. Sorry I don't have IPA fonts 😅

@Gargron Consider that not everybody has the luxury of good records (or any records at all).

My country in particular had an evil institution in which we split families apart and denied them a history. The DNA testing can be extremely helpful in giving otherwise stymied researchers some clues.

@Gargron Blood being the important basis of kin is a Euro-American thing. Family is more than & doesn't need blood.

@Gargron not sure exactly, but they were from Lithuania. My grandfather's family split right before WWI and nobody knows what happened to those who stayed behind

@gargron Others have addressed adoption, affairs, etc. But DNA can also *confirm* paper records, or, in some cases, disprove them. Sometimes it's an error, sometimes over-zealous genealogy collectors. Can really help you know where to look when you aren't sure which country your ancestors emigrated from.

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