The Economist really just went and made an ad for Mastodon

@Gargron @citrustwee

anyone read their full article about 15 years of Facebook? i'm presuming it's less-than-kind.

@Gargron @citrustwee wow, a big mainstream magazine did a thing about Mastodon and didn't talk about how it's crumbling, or not political enough. Amazing.


Very cool!

It stings a little that Mastodon is presented as the "less ambitious" competitor—but, hey, whatever gets people to the platform is good in my book.

@codesections @Gargron it *is* less ambitious. There's no collecting everyone's data, there's no making billions off of other people, there's no influencing politics or mental wellbeing.

It's why I went here in the first place.

@Gargron funnily enough advertisers are actually looking into systems based on user controlled data verified by block chain. Their motive is mostly to break the huge monopoly that Facebook and Google have on the data the whole industry runs on, and partially to restore trust from people and from their clients (easy to verify what you give permission for and reduce ad fraud from bots).

@Gargron they could’ve picked a more cheery soundtrack to their video

instead they went with HACKERMAN

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