okay so someone familiar with Mastodon internals explain this to me:

why does boosting the first and the last post in a thread cause the whole thing to federate properly but just boosting the first one doesn't?



@staticsafe Boosting the last makes it recursively fetch the chain up to the root. Boosting the first just gets you that particular toot.

@Gargron ah so just boosting the last post in a thread should federate the rest, makes sense

@Gargron @staticsafe could you craft a cycle by editing links in the DB so it would go into infinite recursion :tinking:

@piggo @staticsafe It doesn't fetch known things so as soon as you arrived at the "loop" it would stop

@piggo @staticsafe But you might be able to do it with Pleroma! At one point you could make Pleroma run out of memory by making it fetch a long thread

@piggo @staticsafe @Gargron Mastodon is fine with it, anything surrounding it breaks horribly (e.g. freezing, crashing, etc)

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