I have never seen such raw, unadulterated power

@Gargron His head... his head is too small.

Miniaturization tech was a mistake. Send it back. Send it all back.

@Gargron el tito Eu se ha comprado una bolsa de agua caliente para el frío alemán.

#ImageDescription an incredibly obese black & white cat in loaf pose stares up at the camera


Fun fact: this cat is kept in France as the International Prototype Unit Cat. All other Units are based off of this Cat. If they are equal in value their Unit rating is declared Absolute.

@Ventronik @Gargron I bet we are a few universal constants away from having having a theoretical definition of a cat, rendering this French can useless.

This implies an Absolute Unit is a metric measurement, what do Americans use instead?

@Ventronik @Gargron
Research indicates the Imperial equivalent to the Absolute Unit is the "Chonk". I'm not sure what the conversion factor is.

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