After many people asked Keybase to support Mastodon profiles, Keybase has designed an API to allow more platforms on their service, and prepared a demo patch for how it could work with Mastodon.

To avoid a conflict of interest, I have asked Keybase to stop their Patreon pledge to Mastodon, refunded all of their pledges so far (the $200/mo for your logo on tier), and removed their logo from

@Gargron I am not sure to understand the reason behind this choice but maybe I am naive?

@lthms The point is that the integration is either something we want, or something we don't want, for Mastodon, but it should not happen just because Keybase pays me.

@Gargron @lthms Makes sense. I for one am really grateful for the Keybase integration, it seems like a really interesting development in the ecosystem. :heart_parrot:

@Gargron Yeah, I get the point now. I was a bit surprise like, you know. They give you money *and* code, so it should be a good thing… yet I can foresee how this can end up badly for Mastodon.

Contribute with pledges xor money makes sense.

Looking forward to this. Now if only the Keybase folks and the developers of the @delta messenger would join forces, that would be awesome.

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