Apparently everyone else cooks scrambled eggs all the time since early childhood, well excuse me I never even tried one before my trip to London in January

@Gargron last time i made scrambled eggs was 5 years ago. don't understand the fuss about it.

@jarlavgrenland @Gargron if you aren't mixing in stuff to make an omelette or frittata, scrambled is the worst egg preparation (except hard boiled)

@robotcarsley @Gargron TO be fair, as long as i have my bread with cheese. I hvae nothing to complaine


I haven't made scrambled eggs since I lost the recipe years ago.

@Gargron That's amazing. I grew up on scrambled eggs. When we had them for lunch Mom called them "leg o' lamb" and I have NO idea why. (Something like "Welsh rabbit," I wonder?)

@gargron Progress. Soon, you can achieve your secret goal of being a breakfast cook at IHOP [1].


technically speaking I was a scrambled egg before my dad even helped my mom with it, so, I mean

@Gargron ooh, really? What did you think? Scrambled eggs are a staple in my kitchen.

@Gargron i was like 25 when i first did. My parents are horrible cooks so its amazing that my brother and i were solidly good cooks

@Gargron ive also constly evolved it. Now i cook taylor ham or bacon first then cook the eggs in the grease

Did you use constant stirring on the cooker or occasional stirring and a microwave?

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