I often get spam e-mails, but this one had seemingly done SOME research, but really badly, because they assume I'm still a student and need an internship

Mastodon is my full-time job and has been for two years now. I'm annoyed by spam from LinkedIn where it clearly states I already have a job, but at least those recruiters are interested in my years of Rails/React.js experience, and not just trying to get me into an unpaid or below min. wage internship at a noname company. Damn


> Mastodon is my full-time job and has been for two years now.

A bit of a tangent, but since you mentioned it: I *thought* you'd been full-time on Mastodon for about that long, but I've heard chatter about you also working for Purism recently (puri.sm/posts/librem5-progress)

Is that wrong? Or was that a short-term thing/non paid? (I don't mean to pry, just a bit confused)


@codesections I worked for Purism in 2018 as a contractor. Mostly because it was hard for me to say no to a job offer that was so adjacent to my interests and with the promise that it would not interfere with my Mastodon work. I come from a poor background so saying no to job opportunities is hard for me psychologically, in general.

@codesections Due to various internal circumstances as well as how bloody stressful it was to manage both Mastodon and Purism work, I decided not to continue. My primary purpose there (website redesign) was fulfilled anyway.


That totally makes sense—I bet I'd have done the same thing, especially given the way Purism's stated goals align with many of the fediverse's.

Thanks for clarifying, and glad you're 100% on Mastodon now :)

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