Remember when Mastodon looked like this? I find it hard to believe now

@trwnh Well, people wanted a timeline preview on that screen. Other than that, the colors are a bit unfortunate in this (elephant clashes with the background), and being able to customize a hero image was highly requested as well (and the default one provides a lot of color)

@Gargron i guess from a design perspective i understand why the current layout was made, but that still doesn't stop it from feeling much busier? the earlier one felt calmer and i guess directed people towards the signup form more prominently. i feel like the timeline preview could have been further down the page.

@trwnh Maybe the next one will just be a sign up form and a login form and who's hosting the instance with the link to the rules, nothing else, not even an explanation of what Mastodon is

@Gargron tbh you could link back to for that? there's definitely a lot to work with. at minimum a move from 3 columns to 2 columns would help a lot with visual parsing

@Gargron "sign up" and "log in" can be just buttons, and the actual forms can be on a separate page? if they were just buttons, they could be turned into CTA buttons that were overlayed on top of the hero image perhaps, idk

@trwnh @Gargron I like both of them, though the current one looks a bit "disconnected", if that makes sense (which just having the navbar from other pages could maybe help with)

@tromino @trwnh Yes, I like the navbar layout, it came after the frontpage was designed. I recently updated the public hashtag page to use it too, it used to be closer by design to the frontpage. The frontpage was completely redesigned at least 3 times now. Maybe 4th soon? 😂

@Gargron wait, Mastodon doesn't look like this anymore?

seriously, I've only accessed it from Tusky since forever, so changes to the website just zip by me.

on a more serious note, given the percentage of mobile vs desktop users nowadays, I wonder for how many the mobile app is the extent of their experience

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