@Gargron I feel like search would be improved by making a user's own posts not count towards the limit of 10 results and allowing stuff that was recently (in the last 24 hours? week?) on your home timeline to show up in searches even if you haven't directly interacted with it

@Gargron looks like the installation instructions should be updated to use ruby 2.6.1 instead of 2.6.0?

@Gargron sorry, still*. this isn't related to elasticsearch

@slice 2.7.3 still uses 2.6.0, so no. They will be updated once 2.8.0 comes out with 2.6.1 as the default.

@Gargron ah, i got confused. it was 2.5.3 that i was thinking about, but that has since been fixed now!

@Gargron @slice So this means there is currently no way to run the "chewy:sync" command under 2.6.0 with Mastodon 2.7.3?

@buckket @slice No you can use any Ruby version with any Mastodon version.

@Gargron Just followed the instructions and got my server up-and-running with Elasticsearch.

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