I do not think is a good idea, nor that the Twitter cross poster is a good idea. Let your Twitter past die. Kill it if you have to.

@Gargron I like the people that crosspost to my instance. They actually read their mentions and will interact. They're nice. Don't kill them. Thanks!

@t54r4n1 @Gargron Same. I know a lot of people that are crossposting because copy & paste would be work. They read on both networks and react also.


My theory of social networking ( hasn't substantively changed in the last 5 (or 10 or 15) years: *I* post different things to different places (or the same things, but at different times) to have different engagements.

But I know many people who post the same thing to every network they belong to at the same time for the aggregate experience

Best part of Mastodon et al? You can post what you want when you want .. even if you're putting it elsewhere, too :)

@vanyasem @Gargron I find it actually useful that I can click on the link and read the profile. So I know who they're mentioning. Much less effort than searching for that user on twitter.

@vanyasem @Gargron Hey, what've you got against unicorns? :D

(And where do you see an antenna?)

@vanyasem Oh, did not even see that!

Yes, the picture has been changed months ago. :)

@vanyasem @Gargron considering most of us have friends who are still over at the other place, cross posters are a necessity at least until Mastodon can grow a sizable total user base.

@gdsk3k @vanyasem If you cross-post from here to there, yeah. If you cross-post from there to here, that's not progress, and not a migration.

@Gargron @vanyasem I don’t have any problems with cross posting from here to Birdsite considering the vast majority of my friends (99%) aren’t on here.

Not that it’s a necessity for me right now since I have others avenues to communicate with them on.

People that cross post from Birdsite to Mastodon without bothering to check their replies is a problem that I agree with.

@Gargron Easier said than done. Twitter is actually one of the few remaining commercial platform to allow third-party communication, and as long as it's possible, people will take advantage of it to keep in touch with their contacts over there.
@thoughtcrime @Gargron Facebook and Instagram have heavily restrained third-party access to their API, Google+ is closing, not sure there are other significant platforms in the US decentralized social media platforms can be compared with.

Sad that they understand restraining API access is the way to stop privacy violations they promote

@thoughtcrime @Gargron I'm not even sure it has anything to do with stopping privacy violations themselves, I think it is to increase user retention by making leaving the Facebook ecosystem harder, especially in light of the recent privacy violations revelations.

I've seen them market it as a way to prevent third party apps from leaking your data, but, yeah, you are right

@Gargron Cross posting is a fine idea. And Twitter is the past and the present. If I had to drop either Mastodon/AP or Twitter now, it isn't going to be Twitter, however much I approve of the concept of open standards and federation.

@Gargron @t_aus_m I think crossposting is not great for me as a person, but for an organisation (i.e. your local hacker space) it's really useful.


technical reasons?
personal reasons?
security reasons?
legal reasons?

you support them but they dont support back reasons?

@Gargron When I first discovered Mastodon, I thought cross posting was a good idea — not anymore. I use both separately nowadays, but mostly Mastodon. My plan is to create a Scandinavian instance where I can invite my Norwegian speaking Twitter power-user friends into.

Does someone have a server at their disposal located somewhere in Scandinavia? :blobcat:


I can maybe get you one, located in my DC in Gothenburg.
Let me check.


@rsolva @Gargron

I'm always looking for Swedish and Norwegian/Danish speaking folks to follow. I don't want a seconds account, but I'd gladly take some suggestions. :)

@DC7IA @Gargron I would like to write more Norwegian here on Mastodon, but it feels weird as most interactions are with non-Norwegians about topics not related to Norway. On Twitter there is a bunch of discussions about local and national topics going, and I want to see that happen here on Mastodon too. I think this is a requirement for my Norwegian Twitter friends to join Mastodon. A Scandinavian instance is our best option to get some kind of network effect started.

@DC7IA @Gargron With time I hope we will see smaller localized instances pop up focused on specific topics and communities. I would also like to see politicians get their own accounts on government-owned domains. A lot of politicians are quite active and reachable on Twitter today, probably due to Norway's relatively small population.

@rsolva I noticed @forteller I while ago, but other than that I don't really follow a lot of political content. My main interest is amateur radio and languages.

Any recommendations on who I could follow?

Bonus points if you know someone with both these interestes. :D

@rsolva @Gargron Well, people can filter languages they understand and so I just follow people and even if they toot also in other languages I do not understand, I still only see what I understand.

@Gargron I think it will eventually die as more and more people come over. We seem to be over 2,000,000 already, so now the effect of people being there, so more come, begins to work. :)

@DC7IA @gargron

I haven't used Twitter actively since 2017 after a random German antifa trainspotter in my timeline mentioned "this Mastodon thing is interesting, try it" (I did)

I keep the account active just to confuse US corporates and cost them money, they don't even get my Youtube likes for Schlager any more, I switched that off on their own (automated) suggestions as a password reset took ages.

curiously my assumed birbsite gender also switched from male to female at some point 😆

@vfrmedia @Gargron Titters guess of my age has been a female ~45 year old, the last time I checked.

@vfrmedia I only have a look once in a while to see what my British friends are doing. As soon as they will be here - which I guess they will do at some point, since the network grows - I will delete my account.

@DC7IA I find (some) British people, even good friends of mine who are intelligent and openminded tend to be overwhelmed and even scared off by the languages all being mixed up in the timelines (this is a fault of British society where a whole generation (now young adults) were never taught foreign languages at school, but I think we are slowly improving in this respect (i.e going back to how it was in 1980s)

@vfrmedia @DC7IA
Even though I was born in the uk and only have english properly, I LOVE seeing all the languages in my personal timeline. I try to read them.
I admit, I'm not big on arabic/hindi/chinese, because I can't read them at all, but I love seeing everything else in latin or greek. I have just (like yesterday) started on the cryllic alphabet, so maybe I'll be able to parse russian soon (a bit anyhow).

@DC7IA @Gargron many accounts are dead so there are not nearly 2mio. 1mio? There are a couple of people on twitter who have more then a million follower. So I wouldn't talk of dying yet

@Gargron heck yea this is how the anarcho-communism revolution begins


k̸̦͘̕i̵͍̥͑͋l̷̯̥̏l̷͍͙̇̔ ̶̝̎͗y̶̞̎̽o̸̟̘͆ụ̷̊͠r̴̮̐ ̴͕̬̈͗t̵̝͈͗w̴̞͖̎͊i̵͙̺t̶͉̑ţ̴̦̕͠e̵̯̓̇r̷͔̄̽ ̵̡̭̅p̸̭̺̋̇a̴̖͌̈s̷̡̟͘ẗ̶̟́͆

@pbandkate My question is only do people get that it's a Kylo Ren quote from The Last Jedi

@Gargron like i don’t think i realized that on a literal level, but spiritually, subconsciously, yes

@Gargron your internet media consumption continues to baffle me eugen, and i love it

@Gargron can i still crosspost the other direction as a direct power move

@gargron would be great if someone could create some kind of integration with Diaspora, though

@Gargron I don't know man, I just like namespacing things and linking things. I don't think * poses a great moral hazard.

Cross-posting is more complicated than never ever do it. If someone's analysis shows that they're best off cross-posting, I'd rather it use

But I'd like it very much to be POSSE rather than PESOS, and according to that means no mentions on Twitter side, and that sadly makes the whole thing rather moot.
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