@Gargron good point tho in fact why r we even here

@Gargron I think the correct reply is "because you're a poopy face."

@Gargron I got twitter source code but it doesn't compile. Can you help me?

@Gargron ohhhh just copy and paste the code! like everyone else does!

@Gargron this reads like sth you‘d find in a funny fake mailbox article

@Gargron oh yeah if he's so smort why doesn't he rename himself TurboTax? he's poor cuz the gop don't pay tax

Send him a reply telling him to try to ask twitter for their source code and then tell us what happens

@Gargron all websites are open source after all, because you can right click on them and select "view source" and bam, there's the source code

@bewitchyourmind @Gargron Of course it is! You can right click in any browser and select Show Source Code! :P

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