Facebook wants up to 30% of fan subscriptions vs Patreon’s 5%


Fuck Facebook. Do not use this


@aral The last paragraph is my comment and the first is the headline of the linked article. I do not say "Fuck Facebook" because of how much they take, although it is a ripoff. They also take perpetual IP rights over anything you upload there. Fuck Facebook


The fun thing is, due to taxes you have to maintain almost everything yourself anyway. So it would be easier to strip out Facebook as well as Patreon and people could go for a payment processor like Stripe directly. Sure, one would get rid of all the social part, but having an account system + make some content only available there, is not rocket science and something wordpress and other CMS do out of the box.

But sure, it's worth 5% of all your income.


@sheogorath @gargron @aral
The advantage I do see for Patreon is that paying someone on the other end of the world 1$ a month is expensive in terms of banking fees, and by aggregating that, Patreon can save you money.
Also, it gives creators a way to set stuff up with little effort on their own, and user-friendlyness is a bonus, too.
... but then, any single platform should never dominate (but that also goes for Paypal)

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