The visual component is almost finished, I just need some kind of link or button on remote polls that would download most up-to-date tallies from the origin

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All done except for unit tests and a React component for composing polls, but I might move the latter to a different pull request because 1k of line changes is enough and I also can't be arsed

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@Gargron 👀
i'd die if you gave us image polls as well, but one thing at a time ofc

@Gargron it's basically just a poll but the options are images

it was a thing Twitter did for a bit, but only like 5 people could use them, and then they gave up

and i always wanted them cause as an artist, it could be really invaluable to use it without having to say "plz look at replies for the images, here's the poll as option 1, option 2" etc.

@Gargron @birbhorse
Just a poll but with images as options instead of simple text. Also, gayer. If I understand correctly

Dude! That's awesome! Can't wait to see that show up on my instance! 😄

@Gargron this is a Twitter feature that people seem to love, but I’ve always hated because I could never see them due to using a decent twitter client. Actually having access to them could be nice 😸

This could be an amazing way to crowdsource labelled datasets where a community need but no money is available. I would love to see it, especially if it could include images as the "question".
I'm imagining bots that post questions like "is there a mosquito in this image" so we could crowdsource data for a mozzie-killing laser bot.

Please add an option to see the results without voting

In a federated platform, how to ensure votes are anonymous? Also, how to weed out trolls or bot armies from ill intentioned instances?

Can you restrict the poll to followers, or locals?

How about asking for voting tickets first (that would work similarly to invite links) and then allow people to vote using those tickets (using some hash to make sure the ticket and the user match)?

I think you'd first need to propose a protocol and request comments on that - 1/2

@gargron Who knows who would give a great idea on design and implementation?

Polls can be a very powerful feature, but we need to think twice before implementing it so it wouldn't be misused. - 2/2

@Gargron Votes are a great feature 👍 Looking forward to implementing them in Halcyon 😍

@Gargron Thanks this will be a fun new feature. I appreciate the hard work.


Hard to believe #foo is really that much more popular than #bar. The voting must have been rigged!

@Gargron Are votes going to be changeable, e.g. if you clicked something by mistake?

@Gargron Would be great if that button weren't necessary. I.e. that it auto-pulls often enough.

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