I need input on this suggested integration in Mastodon. I have provided a summary of what I know here:


@Gargron Too bad that the integration is a lot of code that ties Mastodon to a proprietary protocol. This is exact opposite of stuff like ActivityPub that is open standard and has multiple implementations.

Moreover they could simply do the integration the same way they did it with other services (HN, Reddit, etc.) by writing the integration code on their side...

On the other hand Keybase is popular...


@wiktor Indeed, it cannot be discounted that Keybase has its own large userbase and the integration could give Mastodon good publicity

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@Gargron Yep, a lot of people already hack together their proofs of Mastodon accounts.

If there would be a backlash from Mastodon community (because "proprietary") this proof integration could be extracted to a separate webservice that would bridge a Mastodon instance (via ActivityPub API or otherwise) and Keybase. Thus keeping Mastodon "pure" ;)

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