It's my pet theory that the availability of the Twitter-to-Mastodon cross-poster has harmed Mastodon's adoption by giving people an easy way to change nothing about their social media habits, and pretend like they have checked out Mastodon without ever being here.

Every time I bring this up I get responses à la "not all cross-posters!" and well, if you don't think it's about you, don't make it about you

@Robby @Gargron more likely the reasoning is "hey just in case twitter dies, i can switch here and my post history will be here" but the sad fact is that twitter may not die. and as a result, they're never "here".

in general i noticed the same thing happen with diaspora* in 2010. people either went back to facebook, onward to google+, or changed formats entirely for twitter. the content travels far, the interactions never cross the borders.

@wolfcoder @Robby @Gargron techies and the android community did. niche communities did. after the shutdown, the tech journos went to twitter. the niches had to decide whether to go to facebook or reddit (on a per-community basis). the remainder went to pluspora or quit social altogether.

@Gargron "if you don't think it's about you, don't make it about you" — good point.

@Gargron God I fucking hate cross-poster services. The reason I left Twitter was cause I /don't want to see tweets./

@gargron If you don't want people to treat Mastodon like Twitter 2, don't market it as such tbh

This is a large part of the reason why I decided to explicitly forbid cross-posting on my instance, but that's kind of a tricky thing to enforce sometimes

@Gargron I think there is definitely some truth to that theory. Of course the flip side of it is that that sort of cross-posting builds the community as it allows people to dip their toes in the fediverse and bring their content here for minimal work.

@Gargron For me personally, I definitely got/get more out of Mastodon after I made it "really hard" to log into Twitter...

@Gargron (and, like, that shouldn't be a big shocker: put more effort in, get more results out -- but I agree that the best way to "get stuff out of mastodon" is when you put your "social-media time/effort into it instead of something else")


Yeah. I'm not a fan of it either. In general I find that any place I crosspost to is not a place I actually AM.

Do you have any feelings on the Masto-to-Twitter crossposter? Personally I like it, especially after changing my twitter name to "Margaret Trauth is mostly on Mastodon now"; it means I haven't completely vanished but there's a *lot* of links to toots that won't fit on Twitter, and this constant reminder that "hey this one person you like is on Mastodon".

@anthracite Mastodon-to-Twitter cross-posting is free advertising for us

@djoerd @Gargron

There's at least masto>twitter crossposter out there, complete with source. I really should think about running a copy of it next to my instance someday.

@Gargron ➡️ Moreover, people crossposting from twitter don't take into account the mastodon specificity. I see a lot of twitter content that would need a Content Warning if the user wanted to respect the Mastodon ways. I agree with you : they are harmful.

I agree. I don't see the benefit of doing this.
Others I have heard making the argument of 'we don't need to change our and others habits of using social media, we can just use the crossposter and continue as normal'

@Gargron Counterpoint: If enough people one follows there cross-posted to #Mastodon, they can smoothly transition.
Assuming more people would use Mastodon properly without cross-posting being available is like assuming everyone who pirated a movie would buy it otherwise. The percentage would be much lower and Mastodon smaller.
It's impossible to prevent so might as well embrace it. Part of the problem is the current state of the cross-posting services (bugs, reposting polls without polls etc.).

@ondra If they have never used Mastodon except for having their content copied, how would they transition to using it, and why would they even? What would motivate them to?

@Gargron That's the real issue, people who don't interact here. Maybe we mark usernames / avatars of cross-posters who did not interact for a specified amount of time as a signal for others to decide whether to follow / interact with them?

@ondra Cross-posters are indistinguishable from mobile apps or even desktop apps, so we can't automatically do anything about them

@Gargron Then it would have to apply to anyone. 🤔 Or voluntary disclosure similar to how "bots" are currently treated?
I'd personally prefer improving cross-posting services so that they don't emulate Twitter here and simply post links to tweets as to any other website. Without "RT"s etc. Some even won't link back to the original thread so half of posts don't make any sense here without original context.
The rest is up to every fediverse user whether they want to follow these or not.

@Gargron What about people who use Mastodon but cross-post to Twitter?

To me, that's better but there is still this assumption that "you have to be on twitter".

@loke @Gargron This is what I do now. I only check in on twitter because I've got important contacts on there.

At the risk of being shuunnnnned, I personally think the problem is the content rather than the platform. I don't care when someone crossposts to Tabletop.Social about RPG stuff, but I don't much care for when people bring up the same twitter-verse stuff on Mastodon. I'm more into it for the community that does exist rather than the "stick it to twitter" mentality.

@Gargron I block all crossposters.

I usually don't block but if I wanted Twitter I'd..
Be on Twitter

@Gargron Mastodon-to-Twitter on the other hand has made it possible for me to make masto my default network without losing contact with all my friends!

crossposting, long 

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