@Gargron Oh man here I was logging in, minding my own business when....


Internet, its 1:05am, can you not make me question my tethering to reality, by messing with childhood anchors this late?

@Gargron Why in the world did I ever consider the Werehog nice?!?

Do I misunderstand or do people think that is a bad thing? I mean 1. Firefox is quickly becoming the fastest general purpose browser in the world. 2. Their logo is a masterpiece.

As long as they are different enough that people don't mix them I have no problem with it.

@WAHa_06x36 Even the skin-colored parts simply have skin-colored fur! This is so funny.

@clacke Oh. It's a fursuit, isn't it. That's actually some guy in a Sonic fursuit.

@Gargron oh what they have done on my favorite character of childhood 😱

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