Big hmm on the Drow Ranger remodel, specifically her face...

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Arguing that this is whitewashing is not going well in the somewhat-left-leaning gaming Discord so not having much hope for the userbase at large

@Gargron "lets take a character with black features and actually make her anglo bc the gamers wont wanna fuck!!!"


I am looking at this as greyscale and I see a black lady on the left and a white lady with sloppy makeup on the right.

I am insufficiently familiar with dota to say anything about it as “whitewashing”, I’ve never played it.

@Gargron Considering they're usually seen from afar the detailing on the hair feels like it's going too far and potentially making it look worse during regular play.
I get the skin and eye texture changes if they're going for "Night Elf", but not why their features went from "black woman" to "white woman". Outside of not-so-great reasons at least.

So, yeah. Big hmm indeed.

>she’s fucking violet
>the left one is fucking blue

@Gargron wut, that really doesn't resemble a classic drow at all. Much more like a WoW Nightelf

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