Should I use to just redirect to, or should I put an instance on it? 🤔

@Gargron also even if you decide to do something else with the domain, I highly recommend setting up a subdomain or something that links to the repo. That way if you switch between hosting solutions you still have one memorable URL to give out.

@Gargron you should host #Kallithea or #GitLab or something like that there and move your source repository there

@Gargron redirect to the developer documentation/resources?

@gargron Make it a rolling release instance. Like, installs the latest commit every hour or so. On every Friday, 13th, it might install a random pull request.

@Gargron I would use it for possibly-broken features before anything goes live on .social

@Gargron I mean more websites that are just download links for a PDF of the Communist Manifesto would be cool

@Gargron You missed an opportunity to use the new poll function. 😉

I vote cutting edge (beta) instance to test new function.

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