About one third into reading this massive blog post: Status As A Service, an analyzis of the role of social capital in success of social networks


Been doing some thinking on this social capital just a fundamental flaw for networked experience.

Some thinking on it here: quickthoughts.jgregorymcverry.

Good paper critique:

they bring up some interesting points.

with some I disagree.

Like: 'Value is tied to scarcity, and scarcity on social networks derives from proof of work.'

'By definition, if everyone can achieve a certain type of status, it’s no status at all, it’s a participation trophy.'

Value is in relation to many factors, never just one as presented in the article. It is highly linked to ideology.
Breaking with status seeking engagment can be a value. It is part in forming a more horizontal comunication.
The software can be written with encouriging this value.

the chronological streams for example are doing this.

Also the aspect of federation is left out in their reasoning.
Even with many instances, it will be of value to run my/our own instance.
Infact: with a rising amount of instances and communities that are formed around them the higher the value of the fediverse, and the higher the value of each instance.

In a society that is formed around competition, scarcity usualy forms a higher value.
In a society centerd around collaboration it's often the opposide.

@paulfree14 @Gargron in a capitalist society, value is capital. but capital conflates itself as value. there are other, non-capital forms of value.

in other words: value that isn't tied to scarcity will instead be tied to utility or benefit. sure. but capitalist social media will operate by the rules of capital.

@Gargron Read that the other day. Pretty insightful.

@Gargron Ugh. That's a good reminder that I really should minimize my social network use. That whole status game thing is just so annoying.

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