Trying to find an article I think I saw on the #fediverse a day or two ago about the "myth" of federation and the failure of #Mastodon to decentralize sufficiently (finding that two instances carrying most of the overall activity of the entire network). But now I can't find it. Anyone bookmark it? @Gargron @federationbot

@mauro_motion @Gargron That's it! Thank you! (And what is it with academics and full-justified text?)

@mauro_motion I disagree that federation is dead, but she makes an effective point. @Gargron is helping distribution and federation by closing signups on But I suspect the other largest instances like being the largest instances. No? #fediverse #mastodon

@editor @mauro_motion Everyone's always hung up on registration numbers, because it is the most exposed metric (activity metrics are public, but not on the frontpage of each instance). Out of 300k people registered here, 13k-15k are active week-by-week. I think if you adjust by those numbers, the distribution might not be the same.

@Gargron @mauro_motion What is the best way to estimate active users on a given instance? You're right that it's an important data point for any kind of analysis. Could you add "active users in past month" to the API?

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