How a Bitcoin Evangelist Made Himself Vanish, in 15 (Not So Easy) Steps

Ignore the "Bitcoin" in the title, this is pretty interesting

@Gargron I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have clicked without the last sentence :D

@Gargron @uranther good advice when u're drowing in money so much u can buy two new houses and a car without mortgage

@piggo @uranther @Gargron possibly three new houses - article says he fucked up the dmv the first time round which means new corporations, new car, and new address if you want to be really clean about this kind of thing (which, the dude seems to be judging by everything else, so)

The $30,000 figure is definitely bullshit, regardless

@Gargron it is absolutely unreal that this is all necessary just to not be harassed by internet stalkers. Jesus Christ.

@shaderphantom @Gargron and that to really effectively do this, you need to be a rich bitcoin evangelist or something else where you can just drop $30k

@Gargron "Mr. Lopp estimates that his efforts to disappear have cost him about $30,000." wow

@Gargron Pretty sure he is seriously underestimating the costs when he says it cost him 30k.

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