The new landing page is live on

I think I should try to commission a new hero image for our server... Less generic.

@Gargron if I may make a humble suggestion... a Mastodon that has been infected with a symbiote like Venom would be epic

@evan @Gargron that already exists, it’s just called night crew

@sophia It can't be animated, it's also not funny without Charlie Day

@Gargron nice and succinct. Perhaps add a link to find other instances if the sign up is closed?

@ilovecomputers Once I implement approval-mode, the form will be active again and the button will say something like "Apply for membership"

@Gargron Eugen, the text of submit button for registration is truncated on mobile browsers. I think it would be better to set white-space: normal and maybe text-align: left on .button:disabled CSS class to display the full text.

@Gargron Oh wait! Currently with the Mastodon's default font, the text does not exceed the width of the button in (I have overridden with custom font), but of course that depends on the screen resolution of the mobile device and the length of domain name, therefore, my recommendation is still valid. Additionally, I think you should add white-space: normal also in .directory__tag h4 small.

@Gargron Honestly, I like more the previous registration form, where it shows a personalized message and hides the fields of the form, avoiding the confusion of certain users who try to click on the fields without being able to write anything.

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