@elomatreb Neither Apple nor Spotify are monopolies in their field. Samsung (and Google) have a larger market share on phones, there is Apple Music, Google Music, Tidal...

@Gargron "Spotify asks the European Commission to ensure a level playing field"
Asking for help from the state power is wrong :/

@Gargron @nolan the only points I can give to Apple here is they pay musicians more per play than Spotify does.

Anyways, come on EU, force Apple to give me Spotify Siri controls!

@Gargron I am not really sure how to react to this. At the end of the day, Spotify is striving for just as much monopoly on the market, as Apple does. I’m sure that it will do the same to any market newcomer, if it tries to challenge the Status Quo.

@Gargron Every independent musician to spotify: w.t.a.f?

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