ok so the streaming server gets a json string {event: type, payload: ... }, decodes the json, makes the exact same json with the payload encoded a second time as a string

why in the fuck. garg i demand answers for those 25 minutes i lost

@CobaltVelvet It implements some filtering for some types of streams based on that data

Did you re-implement it in Rust or what's up?

@gargron ye

it's still a bit bad and ugly but it's basically working and i expect to put it on github soon

@CobaltVelvet Can you merge it with tootsuite/ragequit? I'll pay you

@gargron oof it's very differently made. i started with that method but i switched to a much simpler/flatter one. i'm not sure which is better or worse though.

i suspect mine is slightly less scalable over a single process with many threads, but also lighter for small instances and with less dependencies, and maybe supporting permessage-deflate which i think actix doesn't yet)


@CobaltVelvet Hm. Okay. Maybe it still will be useful as an example for the current developer

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