Why is 14.03 pi day anyway. What kind of sick joke is that

@Robby @Gargron That or 3 January would both be better alternatives

@Gargron for real. If we absolutely HAD to have a pi day I would have put it on Archimedes' birthday or something

@pepemao @Gargron good point. maybe Euler's birthday then, he was the one who chose the symbol for pi

@tomharris @Gargron could be, not sure what's wrong about 14th of march, but could be. And Eulers bday is 15.04 - an incrementation of day and a month od 14.03, but I don't know what would it mean anyway ;p besides.. I don't need a day named after a constant too much, but ok ^^

@Gargron I think it's obvious, Eugen-chan. As for the significance of 6053, well... we can't have all the answers, can we? 😏

@Gargron I guess y'all using dd/mm can celebrate tau day on 6/3. It's too late for this year, but add is on your calendar that next year you need to buy two pies

@Gargron this joke is called "different date format"

@Gargron Everyone should have at least the first eight digits of pi memorized: 2.0190314.

because in the US, 𝚷 is 14/03 ≃ 4.667. oh, wait, it's 03/14 ≃ 0.21. that's probably because they measure stuff in inches rather than centimeters :-P
@Gargron People should really start following the ISO standard for writing dates, and especially for ordering dd and mm. The joke works if you put the month first, but it took me a couple seconds.
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