Does anyone know of any prior art for when you want to sign up for a website, but they review your account manually before letting you in? Specifically, what kind of things they make you fill out to be able to make the decision?

Current thoughts: Making the user fill out display name and bio during sign up (when in admission-based registrations mode)


I ask this because admission-based registrations mode is done and merged in master, but making decisions based on picked username and e-mail is just guessing.

I suppose even now the mode isn't too bad for certain purposes. Maybe hard to tell who exactly you're letting in, but lets you control how many and when.

Would definitely want to see some real-world usage from other admins to gather feedback

@Gargron It sounds “good enough” IMO. If admins want more information then you start going down the rabbit hole of either you create some sort of customisable form builder or they just use Google Forms. Feels like diminishing returns to overcomplicate it.

@Gargron maybe add their interface language? in exemple, if it’s japanese I will not allow them to sign up into my server

@Gargron There is document upload. Like on banks, or freelance platforms, you need to upload some ID. On some subreddit, you need to post verification proof like a photograph of your work with your username written on a paper.

@Gargron as a FB group admin I can ask a question (probably multiple, but I just roll it into one) and they get a text area to answer. That often let's me figure out a decent way of filtering people in the group, or following up with ones in question.

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