I want to expand this UI to manage both who you are following as well as your followers. Should I call it "Manage subscriptions" (reminds of YouTube) or "Relationship manager" (reminds of Patreon)?

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@citrustwee No, that's what a page where you have settings for like, Twitch/Discord/Twitter integrations, on other websites

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@Gargron hmm, yeah. relationship manager feels a little too intimate and subscription manager sounds too corporate. trying to think of somethin that would fit a little better 🤔

@citrustwee @Gargron Connection manager would be a middle ground? But I suspect it would make people think it's tech related

@sophia @LuigiEsq @citrustwee I have a "mutuals" filter in there, tempted to add a "big leaguing" filter

@Gargron @sophia @citrustwee finally we have the power to right the greatest injustice ever wrought: not following back

@citrustwee I try to take into account what people may be familiar with from other sites

@Gargron association manager? idk that doesn't sound great. hmmmmm

@citrustwee It's fine, I will just call it Follows & Followers

@Gargron yeah, that's probably what most mastodon users are familiar with. nice work :-)

@Gargron @citrustwee I don't care for either poll option, but Follows & Followers is good

@Gargron @citrustwee "Manage follows" could fit and isn't exactly the worst thing

@Gargron @citrustwee Just the idea of "follows" is the term that I think best fits who you're following and who is following you

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