I am very tired. Spent the whole day cleaning up the Keybase proofs integration PR

After asking around for feedback and returning sponsor money, I decided that it wouldn't really hurt and the publicity would be good

@Gargron forwarded this to GW2Efficiency because it's in a much better position to provide this than I would ever be.

@Gargron as always, I'm very grateful for your hard work, esp. given you must do it while being shouted at by loud haters. vielen Dank, Eugen!


@Gargron 's haters have generally proven to be a negative influence for this community anyway. I am and always will be grateful for the efforts of this man and everyone that helps him.


Why would you return sponsor money?

And, how is there a way to fairly divide that?

@Gargron nice feature \o/. As soon as Keybase implements IPv6, I might reconsider using it.

@inditoot Well, keybase ist just a nice idea to link a PGP identity to something else. E.g. if I you certify on keybase, that your mastodon account is actually yours, I can be sure that this mastodon identity is currently controlled by the same entity as the PGP key.

literally no one needs this. connections with non-foss software is bad; the people that need it can just put their PGP fingerprint on their bio.
@inditoot @void @Gargron I get your argument but either way: Keybase is a centralized service

That's not the point. Anyone can put anyone else's fingerprint in the bio and claim "that's me". With a cryptographic verification it can be proved that the account belongs to the same person who holds the key.
Something similar can be achieved when simply posting a cryptographically signed message, but then the connected Keybase graph is missing.

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