Follow folks:

I updated the follows & followers page. "Abandoned" filter has been renamed to "Moved", and "Active" to "Primary", I have added a "Dormant" filter to get accounts that haven't posted in a month

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@Gargron the follow and unfollow flow from external profile page I still confusing.

@Gargron moved suggestion. show the new account and if you follow it. that way you can clean without clicking on each profile and finding out if you follow them.

@Gargron I don't understand the word Dormant. Maybe explain this with small text or just sort it by last active?

@Gargron Will I also be marked as dormant if I don't post but only like and retoot toots like the good creep I am?

@Gargron is there a way to get my account back up? I have been off for a while.

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