What should I put into the MOTD of the DigitalOcean 1-click install image of Mastodon? (MOTD is the text displayed right after SSH login)

@Gargron A small ascii elephant would be cute, and I can't think of any particularly useful motd information that it would be replacing. the only thing I need to know when logging in is if there are any updates I need to do, and otherwise I appreciate a cute image too :)

@gargron my current favorite is project name and ascii art, server name and addresses, locations/provider, main use and daemons running, and documentation if available

@Gargron I think having a motd can break scp in some cases. I just suggest making sure it works after. :)

@Gargron for a simpler one-liner ASCII mastodon, just do the eyes, trunk, and a smile:

@Gargron Whoa, there is going to be a Digital Ocean one-click install for Mastodon?

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