What should I put into the MOTD of the DigitalOcean 1-click install image of Mastodon? (MOTD is the text displayed right after SSH login)

@Gargron A small ascii elephant would be cute, and I can't think of any particularly useful motd information that it would be replacing. the only thing I need to know when logging in is if there are any updates I need to do, and otherwise I appreciate a cute image too :)

@Gargron @HTHR So still requires a special Linux user and more worryingly a custom systemctl service (with root access). That's why I don't try running my own instance yet.

@MirceaKitsune First of all you don't have to tag the artist on it, secondly having a separate non-root Linux user is the only secure way to run applications on Linux, and systemctl always requires root access because it controls system processes, such as starting Mastodon as a non-root user.

@Gargron Sorry, should have deleted the other username. Usually I prefer being able to run everything from my normal user account... ideally without having to make root system changes, except for stuff like opening firewall ports. I know it's likely not a plan currently, but I hope such a mode may be implemented someday, as to not require a complex server setup for everyone running an instance.

@Gargron Though I assume making it possible to run Mastodon as a simple process might be difficult to do at this stage, if it's based on this design from the start. The way that would have seemed ideal to me is being able to type "ruby ./start-mastodon.rb" in a console and that's it: No need for a controller in systemctl or an username other than that of the user running it (not root of course).

@gargron my current favorite is project name and ascii art, server name and addresses, locations/provider, main use and daemons running, and documentation if available

@Gargron I think having a motd can break scp in some cases. I just suggest making sure it works after. :)

@Gargron for a simpler one-liner ASCII mastodon, just do the eyes, trunk, and a smile:

@Gargron Whoa, there is going to be a Digital Ocean one-click install for Mastodon?

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