Fellas... I can't believe it works... I created a DigitalOcean snapshot where you get asked a few things on first boot, and it gives you a working Mastodon installation, with SSL and everything. Holy shit

I just need to submit it to their marketplace now! It looks like a bit of bureaucracy...

Okay, submitted the marketplace listing to DigitalOcean. Done all I needed to do.

@Gargron Great now you can convert my DO droplet to the fancy snazzy one... plz. :doge:

@Gargron Thank you for putting in the work for submitting it. I'd love to run it there.

@Gargron Too bad that it would work only on Digital Ocean.

An Omnibus package would still be nice.

@puffyrox it does. But it becomes less than customizable then. What if I want more symbols? What if I want more themes?


@drequivalent @gargron That’s the bit of information I was looking for. Thank you.

Deploying an instance is almost to the actionable part of my to-do list.

✅ Virtual host acquired
✅ Domain name registered
⭕️ Server configured
⭕️ Mastodon requirements installed
⭕️ Mastodon installed
⭕️ Mastodon configured
⭕️ Instance advertised
🤞🏼Same topic minded users signup/engage



imho you get to take a couple days off for that, you're probably gonna need a little rest before people start installing it and probably breaking it in all kinds of fascinating new ways.

@gargron That's rad as hell! Do you know what the minimum tier a single user instance would run at?

@violet $5. The assets are already pre-compiled when you boot the image. However for when you have to run assets:precompile after an upgrade, I have pre-configured some swap.

@gargron that's better than I expected. For some reason I thought there were heavier requirements

@Gargron thats good news! its a step towards easy access to hosting which is something mastodon and other fediverse projects desperately need.

Although I do worry it might incur maintenance burden as time keeps heading forward if people don't have a great idea of how to manage a server. Might not be your place specifically but as an open shout out I think easily accessible and succulent guides to technical stuff you need to about how to handle a Mastodon instance would be amazing.

@Gargron Very cool! I've run my instance at DigitalOcean for a few months now (US$10 tier I believe), and it's been rock solid. Love their platform.

@Gargron It'll be a boon for AP-capable client and server development.

@Gargron great stuff! Any chance we'll see an official docker image anytime soon?

@Antanicus tootsuite/mastodon has existed in Docker hub for years, or what do you mean?

@Gargron wasn't aware of it, thanks for pointing it out to me!

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