People who own cute pets are playing social media on easy mode

@Gargron if you can't hack it raising another living thing there's always a fursona

@Gargron lol you really think so.
PS Avatar character who created

@Gargron ah no worries! i'll be sure to keep these toast photos to meself muahahaha...

@root @Gargron :O TOAAAAST, NOOOO. Share them wif me, leave me out of this feud! D:

@Surasanji @Gargron

i;'ll just have to have a very big warning in the cw so eugen doiesnt accidentally click on it...

@mal @gargron Wotan can't believe you would say that. He works extremely hard at lying around

@Taweret @Gargron

*reassuringly sends pats to Wotan*

You work very hard Wotan

it ain't easy being a star

@Gargron People who have misgivings about owning pets have already completed social media and unlocked the Ironman Insane mode. It is permanently enabled.

So my wife, with an ugly ass husband like me, is playing social media on Hardcore mode?

hot girl, kittens, doggy 

@gargron Wait, are you saying that I can lower the difficulty by posting more cute pet pics‽ :blobcatsurprised:

Cute kitty picture and love that I'm not the only one who uses interrobangs. :blobcatsurprised:

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