I am really rather sad about the news šŸ˜¦

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As I understand, Dwango has not been doing too well financially and while they have previously expanded into providing various services including a Mastodon server (, now they are shutting down all ventures that don't bring revenue

I'm sad because they've got an amazing domain name, super cute elephant drawings, I have spoken to their engineers over video, they invited me to Tokyo (although I didn't go, I attended over teleconference)

@citrustwee will close at 28 April. ć‚µćƒ¼ćƒ“ć‚¹ēµ‚äŗ†ć®ćŠēŸ„悉恛

@Gargron Would also like to know what's happened.

@Gargron wait is shutting down?! why cant we take it over?

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