This is not something that could actually help survive, but the thought is inspired by their situation:

Would there be demand for an optional "paid accounts" mode for Mastodon servers? For future consideration


Some servers today require Patreon or OpenCollective membership to sign up on, or integrate a Stripe button (but not very well). The above idea would basically formalize those use cases.

@Gargron i don't think it should be formalized. requiring external payment is fine for those use cases.

@Gargron the only issue with this is all payments are typically centralised. If you do go down this route, have you considered to incorporate the option for crypto currencies along side it? This would be useful for hidden services that use Mastodon & require donations to stay alive!

@valiant @Gargron it could be done with an API that has to be implemented by payment processor or some intermediary service

@Gargron I think using separately to fund a server is the best way for the time being. As far as anything better than that goes... I could only imagine a plugin for donations which server admins can install into their instance.

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