I was sure that I fixed the certificate reloading issue last time that it happened, but it happened again. I'm sorry

@horia how OpenBSD will help @Gargron to setup Let's Encrypt automation? Aren't any clients needs to be properly configured to work? ACME OpenBSD clients are magically working by themselves?

@Gargron I thought this (look at it, it's so huuuuge, better than yours!) was something reserved to ArchLinux users, that BSD folks where not doing those kind of things @horia

@horia ah cool, almost no one in France can visit them then.

@horia well, does more (like not only supporting RSA keys) and automatically renew certificates as well... 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Gargron

@ondra I am not, but the other person didn't react either

Ah that old chestnut. I've fallen foul of it a fair few times myself

@Gargron *presses rewind on the recording, presses stop, hits play button, several seconds of tape hiss* did you use --nginx

@Gargron It's okay... I'm not mad at you for that.

What I am mad at is that both and refused to allow me to add an exception and blocked the site entirely before the issue was fixed! Seriously, what the heck: Are our web browsers babysitting us and restricting our access to websites by force now?! Are we 5 year olds while they are our parents?

I'd suggest we give and a piece of our minds about this. Such restrictive practices should be unacceptable 😠

@MirceaKitsune @Gargron You can type "thisisunsafe" in Chrome to override that.

@ondra Thanks. I primarily use Firefox... for which I found a workaround, though it required editing a file in your user directory. I figured I'd just wait at that point.

The annoying thing is that web browsers deliberately strip users of their choice after warning them. It's just laughable: We never asked browser developers to protect us from our own choices.

@MirceaKitsune I think it is primarily because of the HSTS header sends which specifically forbids clients from accessing it through unsecure channels.

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