Should we uh, remove the "remove all followers from selected domains" button from the Follows & Followers page? 😅

I swear to god this isn't a Karen roast. I'm just worried an accident like that could be due to insufficiently clear UI (having the two actions near each other and the same confirmation dialog). It seems the consensus is that it should tell you "You are about to remove a whole bunch of people" with the exact count as a warning

@Gargron hhahahahahah idk maybe there should be an extra confirm button if there isnt one already

@Gargron just make the confirmation dialog more verbose


yeah maybe a warning is fine, that or making it a little less *right there*, I think it's a useful feature though

@Gargron you could have a Gmail-style "undo" meaning that the action appears to have been taken, but doesn't actually get done until after a time period, in case the person presses "undo" before the time is up

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