Should we uh, remove the "remove all followers from selected domains" button from the Follows & Followers page? 😅

@Gargron the most brutal subtoot i've ever seen


@dirt I love to banter with Karen but I don't think it's her fault if the UI allows this to happen

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@Gargron @dirt it'd be nice if it took you to a warning page that shows you all the accounts that it would remove rather than just a generic "are you sure?" popup

@jimpjorps @Gargron @dirt also, the general UI problem, of course. "Are you sure?" will always be answered with "Yes".

What you actually need/want is an "undo" button… 😃

@Gargron @dirt I feel like honestly maybe it should have been like, "this will remove 200 followers, are you sure?" but also I am tired

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