I'm still working on that e-mail! The first part, the template, is done. But that's not all: I need to write code that will send it out in small batches, while also preparing home feeds for people ahead of time so an influx of returning people wouldn't affect the UX with processing delays.

I've also made sure that accounts that pre-date the admin auto-follow feature follow the @Mastodon account. It doesn't feel quite right to ensure the same thing with mine

Well, damn, it looks like I pushed like 100,000 MergeWorker jobs into the pull queue, oops. I hope it won't be too noticeable, but it will take a while to clear...

@Gargron Why would you do that? I'm pretty sure if I wanted to follow @Mastodon, I would do that on my own.

@dansup Because I'm preparing for the e-mail that might bring old accounts back that predate the admin auto-follow feature

@Gargron Oh, I see. That makes sense! Hope the campaign goes well and some old users rediscover how awesome mastodon is 😉 👍

@dansup I'm sorry though. I should have probably gone into the console and limited the processed accounts exactly, but instead I just used the tootctl command that does it for all accounts and interrupted it halfway through, which was less exact.

@dansup Most importantly I now worry if that was pointless since the @Mastodon account only ever posts about new releases, so in terms of "interesting stuff" for returning users it's a fucking zero

@Gargron @Mastodon I wouldn't say pointless, it gives you incentive to post more non-release updates for users who might not follow development as close!

@Gargron No worries, I can see the value that it brings to users not following anyone. It's not exactly hard to unfollow an account, a minor inconvenience at most.

@dansup @Gargron also possibly do not only say "XY is out" on @Mastodon, but actually name a big nice new feature or so already in the toot.

So users actually have an incentive to click on the release notes… 😉

@dansup @Gargron @Mastodon Auto-admin-follow always rubs me up the wrong way, especially when it’s default and there’s no notice of it. Switched to Pleroma and it doesn’t do that so that’s good 👍🏻

@chidgey @Mastodon @dansup It happens when you sign up. It does not--ordinarily--happen at any other time to existing users. This case is an exception.

@chidgey as pleroma admin I don’t like that it is not informing me when new user arrives, I mean, nothing in Pleroma-FE show that @Mastodon @Gargron @dansup
@spla Yes, but that’s a different issue. And yes, that’s an issue. There are many features I’m expecting the Pleroma team to add post v1.0. Which I’m sure will happen at some point shortly ;) [Probably]
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