I don't care about Assange but I do care about cat

@wjmaggos I don’t think you can claim to be that, and also support Trump.

Assange has destroyed any goodwill he might once have had with his later actions.

But we might care about the precedent Assange's current situation sets for present and future whistle-blowers and investigative journalists. @Gargron

@_emacsomancer Chelsea Manning matters a lot more in that regard.

@Gargron Chelsea Manning certainly matters. But don't think that those that would seek to cover up their dirty work aren't paying close attention to the Assange indictment.

Your liking or not liking Assange is somewhat besides the point.

@_emacsomancer @Gargron

When he's free, Mr Assange is coming to stay with you for six months.

If it somehow improves the existing state of the world, I'll tolerate an unpleasant house-guest for six months.


I hope you're just kidding WRT not caring about Assange. still, it's disturbing to me.

Turns out, the whole thing with embassy and the arrest was a ploy orchestrated by cats to take over the whole Wikileaks operation!
I knew it!

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